Am working on preparing a new version of my sun sonification piece ‘Hour Angle’ for solo piano. I hope this will be performed at the International Symposium of Electronic Arts (ISEA) in Instanbul in September 2011.

The big challenge is to port the programming from SuperCollider (SC) to Java. I want to do this as I believe it will be easier for the performer to use a runnable Java application than a SuperCollider patch. Also, SC is an audio optimized language and although its purpose is to make music LiveNoation / Hour Angle is basically a graphics process so does not need to be in SC.

There are many challenges for me, as I’m not a great programmer anyway and although I’ve been doing java for some years it is not easy.

There are also lots of interesting programming / design / music considerations. Hopefully I’ll post about these as I come to them.


About John Eacott

I'm a jazz musician, composer and yachtsman living in Brixton, London
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