Hour Angle music choices

I’m working on the processes that make the music choices for Hour Angle for performance at ISEA in Turkey this September. This is the first time I’ve made a performance using LiveNotation for solo piano.

I’m not sure yet where this algorithmic composition will lead. I’m beginning using processes that have been tried and tested in previous Hour Angle performances.

Rhythm will be derived by converting the sun’s declination at that moment into a binary number and this binary number interpreted as a rhythm where the 1s are notes and the 0s are rests. Pretty simple. I havn’t yet tired of this simple musical process which, in a very obvious sense is simply a way of representing the calculated values. Someone at the Sonification Symposium last March ¬†described the music as simply counting through the values. That is not necessarily a bad thing.


Havn’t decided how to derive pitch yet. But have decided to limit the range between midinote 31 and 90 otherwise I’ll have to generate more than 3 leger lines and that may be tricky to read. I could do it but the limitation is also fine.


About John Eacott

I'm a jazz musician, composer and yachtsman living in Brixton, London
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