chipping away

Books about computer programming often stress how important it is to plan your software, to decide about all its funtionality and then break that down into programming structures, classes, methods, variables etc before you start. Well that’s not how I work. Nearly all of my programming starts from the bottom up. Obviously I have some idea about the kind of result I am aiming for but it is rarely, if ever mapped out in detail.

Right now I’m still working on the solo piano version of Hour Angle for ISEA which will be performed on 21st Sept:

I’m still dealing with very basic decisions, how rhythms and pitches are chosen, dynamics, playing instructions etc. New for this project as it is for solo piano are decisions like: how many notes to be played simultaneously (a chord) in each hand, whether to give each hand a different playing instruction, whether to make dynamics and instructions specific to each note..

So, lots of questions, better get back to trying to answer them.


About John Eacott

I'm a jazz musician, composer and yachtsman living in Brixton, London
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