Floodtide sensor


Yesterday we installed the new Floodtide sensor software that Samer Abdallah had developed. The brief was to use a smoothing algorithm to iron out some of the ‘noise’ that has made previous Floodtide performances a bit random! Here is a graph of the first 24 hours of the new setup.

High Water London Bridge this morning was at 0536. You can see a clear ‘shape’ of the strong ebb tide (+ve direction) and the weaker flood (-ve).
Here are the predicted tide times and heights for London Bridge from yesterday: (time, tide height in metres)
0457 7.3m
1128 0.5
1720 6.8
2343 0.8
0536 6.9
1149 0.8
1757 6.4
Within the last 2 hours (since High Water at 00536) the ebb has begun strongly.
You can see that the ‘weak’ ebb tide yesterday evening was predicted as the tide had only 6.0m to fall (1720 6.8 to 2343 0.8)
In short, I think the new setup is working and this is what the tide flow at TBW looks like!
The strong spikes in blue (the ‘y’ component – across the river) may be from Thames Clippers manouvering and causing a strong transverse flow.



About John Eacott

I'm a jazz musician, composer and yachtsman living in Brixton, London
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